Pressestimmen zu „In My Prime“

„Kai Strauss und die Electric Blues All Stars sind das Maß der Dinge auf der deutschen Blueslandkarte.“
Bluesnews (D), Dez 2020

„Big city blues with a funky groove… When you listen to this album you will have to agree that he stands up to most of his US colleagues with his smokey and soulful voice and inventive guitar playing. The good thing is that this „German Robert Cray“ does not care about time when he makes his guitar talk.“
„Lust for Life“ Magazine, NL, Nov 2020

„Er hat den deutschen Blues in ein besseres Licht gerückt.“
Andreas Arlt (B. B. & The Blues Shacks), Sept 2020

„With his new release, In My Prime, he has firmely put his mark down as being one of the world’s premier guitarists. A classy album.“, November 2020

„Inzwischen gehört Kai Strauss zur Crème der internationalen Bluesmusiker. Herrliche, phantasievolle, dabei nie eitle Soli in allen Songs… Auch als Sänger ist er untadelig. Attraktive Stimme und gradliniger Gesang.“ / R. Winter, November 2020

„With a fine sense for Chicago Blues he melts lifelong blues influences into a fascinating, authentic contemporary sound.“, Nov 2020

„Dieser Mann steht seinen amerikanischen Kollegen in nichts nach. Authentischer und besser kann man diese Art Blues nicht spielen.“, Nov 2020

„Even when Strauss colors his guitar lines a little more subtly, he makes a deep impression with string work that most musicians can only dream of.“, Nov 2020

„With In My Prime, Kai Strauss has delivered a truly fantastic blues album. Everything is right, great musicians, varied songs and a beautiful warm and full sound. For the real blues lover again a must buy!“, Dec 2020