New Album 2020: IN MY PRIME

IN STORES NOV 27th 2020
Kai Strauss „In My Prime“ (CBHCD 2038)

„In My Prime“ ist nicht nur eine Fortsetzung seiner bis dato erschienenen Alben, sondern lässt eine musikalische und persönliche Weiterentwicklung erkennen, die Strauss auch in Zukunft als Bluesmusiker spannend und bedeutsam bleiben lässt.

Aus den Liner Notes:
„Er hat den deutschen Blues in ein besseres Licht gerückt. “
Andreas Arlt (B. B. & The Blues Shacks), September 2020

On “In My Prime”, a first-class band lights a fire of 70’s funky blues influences underneath Kai, and the album’s horn section built around US saxophone virtuoso Sax Gordon, shows another example of his international importance. Heartfelt vocals and plenty of tasteful guitar playing with punches of feelings and emotions shine through 11 new recordings.
“In My Prime” is definitely not just a repetition of his previous work, but evidence of his musical and personal growth that will ensure Strauss as a meaningful and exciting blues artist for years to come.